In order to meet and go beyond our customer's continuously changing and improving requirements;


•  Continuous improvement of our processes in order to submit products with required quality just in time and with competitive prices.

•  To work with qualified staff and improve their perfection by means of continuous trainings.

•  Follow up and implementation of technological improvements.

•  To work with qualified suppliers and to gain together with supplier improvement programs.

• To increase our capacity and market share.


Meeting the customer orders just in time by ensuring our quality assurance to our customers, ability to respond changing and improving customer requirements in a flexible manner allowing to adaptation to them so that to maintain an unconditional customer satisfaction is our main objective.

With aim of improving of work power quality in Teknik Otomat, making increase of performance and efficiency, making adoption of the new staff to the job and the maintenance of effective continuity of ISO/TS16949 :2002 Quality Management System training need of all stuff is determined systematically, scheduled and performed as it is explained with details in the related procedures.

For every new personal hired for job, ‘'Personal Training Fallow – up Form'' is prepared by Management Representative. By this form educational position of the personal, occupational trainings before and during his work life in this company are recorded and tracked. New hired personal takes his place in ‘' Production Personal Sufficiency List'' according to those knowledge skills and this list plays a role for determining orientation training content for that personal .